Bird Anatomy Facts

bird beak facts

Bird Beak Facts and Information You
Never Knew

Learn how birds use
their beaks, how they
eat with them, can they break? Do they grow back? Just how
strong are they?
and much more.

bird feet facts

Bird Feet Facts: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

We discuss the different types of bird feet
and their functions. Learn also how birds
keep them warm and
also about webbed feet…fascinating stuff!

why do birds have feathers

Why Do Birds
Have Feathers
And Wings?

There's more to
wings and feathers that meets the eye. We answer why they have wings and feathers as well as the health
benefits for the bird.

why do birds have beaks

Why Do Birds
Have Beaks
Instead of Teeth?

So why don't birds have teeth? Why is a beak enough? Wouldn't having
teeth help them to
chew? You'll be
surprised at the answer.

do birds have hollow bones

Do Birds Have Hollow Bones Enabling
Them To Fly?

Yes, most birds do.
But it's not just to
make them lighter
for flight. There's
many health benefits
to hollow bones.

how do birds keep their feet warm

How Do Birds Keep Their Feet Warm
When It's Cold Out?

There's not much to birds' feet, yet it's the effective anatomy of their feet (combined with certain strategies) that helps the bird keep them warm.

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