Sparrow Facts and Information

This Sparrow facts and information page houses all you'll want to know about this species of bird. 

From migration information, to things they like, to nesting information and more!

what do sparrows like

What Do Sparrows Like?
Favorite Foods and Things

What sparrows like can range from things that are edible to inedible. We cover both of these topics in detail in this interesting article.

birdbaths that attract sparrows

Bird Baths That Attract Sparrows
Top 8 Reviewed - Pros & Cons

Sparrows can at times be fussy bathers, so we've written this article offering what we felt were The Top 8 they'd like the most.

why do sparrows abandon their nests

Why Do Sparrows Abandon
Their Nests? Top 5 Reasons

There are 5 main reasons for sparrows to abandon their nests, and we cover each of these in detail in this article of ours here...


Do Sparrows Migrate
South for The Winter?

Do all sparrows migrate south for the winter?
Or is it species-dependent? We cover this
interesting topic in detail in our article here.

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