Bird Egg Facts and Information

fun facts about birds eggs

12 Fun Facts
Bird Eggs

Just when you thought you knew everything about birds eggs, along comes this article...

all about birds eggs

All About Bird Eggs: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

On a serious note, this page delves into egg anatomy, from shell to yolk to bird, it's all here.

can birds lay eggs without a male

Can Birds Lay Eggs Without a Male? Is Mating Necessary?

Can birds lay eggs without a male? How
are eggs fertilized?
Can males lay eggs? 

do birds reject eggs touched by humans

Do Birds Reject Eggs Touched by Humans? You'd Be Surprised

We discuss the reasons for egg abandonment as well as what to do with eggs you find.

how do birds eggs get fertilized

How Do Birds Eggs Get Fertilized? Fascinating Facts To Know

We discuss the ins and outs of egg fertilization
as well as mating rituals employed by birds.

whats inside a birds egg

What Is Inside A
Bird Egg? Take A Fascinating Tour

Learn more about the yolk, the white, and all the supporting structures that make up the egg.

how often do birds lay eggs

How Often
Do Birds
Lay Eggs?

This number can vary
from bird to bird and is dependent on different circumstances.

how to move a birds nest

How To Move a Birds Nest with or Without Eggs or Babies

Learn the legalities, sanitation concerns, and best ways of moving nests with/without eggs.

when do birds lay eggs

When Do Birds
Lay Eggs? What Determines When?

Learn not only when they lay eggs but also the mating and nesting processes beforehand.

will birds hatch if abandoned

Will Birds Hatch If Abandoned? Should You Help Them?

What are the chances of success without Mom or Dad bird? Can or should you intervene? 

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