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On this bird facts and information page, we offer articles that cover all sorts of interesting bird topics from A to Z.

You'll find article topics about...
- Migration
- Bird behavior
- Attracting or repelling birds from your home or garden
- Tips on feeders and birdbaths
and more!

life cycle of a bird

Life Cycle Of A Bird:
7 Stages
Egg To Adult

Journey with us as we follow a bird's life from egg to adulthood. These
7 stages explain it all.

what do birds like

What Do Birds Like? What's Their
Favorite Things?

Do birds have likes and dislikes? These are good to know when trying to
attract birds.

birdhouse pros cons

Birdhouse Pros & Cons: What To Consider Beforehand

Discover the good
and bad of having a
birdhouse in your yard.  
Read this first!

birds of winter

23 Birds Of Winter:
Which Ones
Can You Spot?

These 23 birds don't
migrate, so chances
are you might see them around...but which ones?

why are birds important

Why Are Birds
Important to

Birds contribute to us
and the environment in
ways you never imagined.
Here's how.

are bird baths good or bad

Are Bird Baths Good
or Bad for Birds?
Are They Healthy?

They're healthy, but they
can be unhealthy.
Allow us to explain
and read this...

do birds get cold

Do Birds Get Cold Easily? What's Their Limits?

Just how much cold
can they stand? Learn
the mechanisms they
use to handle the cold.

do birds like music

Do Birds Like Music?
If So, What Type?

Do birds like the Beatles? Bach? Pavarotti?
You'll be surprised
at their preferences.

facts about bird poop

Facts About
Bird Poop…

What goes in
must come out. Learn
more about the stuff
that lands on clean cars.

what is the use of a birdbath

What Is The Use
Of A Bird Bath?
It Goes Beyond Bathing

Birds love their baths, but there's more to their functionality than just providing a cool dip.

how do birds die

How Do Birds Die?
And What Are
The Causes?

What are the processes that birds go through before dying? What are the main causes of death?

how do birds eat bees

How Do Birds Eat Bees And Not Get Stung? Here's Their Secret

There are 22 bird
varieties that eat bees,
don't they get stung?
Or do they?

how do birds land on powerlines

How Do Birds Land
on Power Lines and
Not Get Shocked?

If a power line carries electricity, then how is it possible birds don't get zapped? Read on... 

bird bath facts

Bird Bath Facts and Information - All You Need To Know

Why are they necessary? Where should I put one?
Do they like certain types?

how do remove birds nests safely

How To
Remove a Birds
Nest Safely

Is doing so legal? Do I
need special equipment?
What if there's eggs?
What do I do with it?

which bird can fly backwards

Which Bird Can Fly Backwards and Why Would It Want To? 

Only one bird flies backwards, and it
does so for multiple
reasons. But which bird?

why are birds dying

Why Are Birds Dying? Learn The Shocking Reasons

Sadly, they're dying in
record numbers for reasons
you might not expect.
Read more here...

do birdhouses need to be cleaned

Do Birdhouses Need
To Be Cleaned?
How To Best Do This

There are good reasons to clean them. Learn the
whys and the hows
in our article here...

how to make birds find your bird feeder

How To Make Birds
Find Your Bird Feeder

If you want more birds
at your feeder, here's
what will attract them

are birds cold or warm blooded

Are Birds Cold
or Warm Blooded? 

Learn not only this
but also their techniques
for keeping cool or warm.

parrolet as a pet bird

Best Bird Breeds
For Pets

What are the best breeds of birds to have as pets? Here's the Top 10.

bird of prey

Types Of Birds
Of Prey

Learn the 4 types of birds
of prey, their habitat, prey preferences and attack weapons of choice.

lone bird sitting on a wire

What Does It Mean When There's No Birds Around?

Seems awfully quiet when they're gone, but why are they not around? Is something wrong?

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