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what can birds eat

What Can Birds Eat? 54 Edible Things They Can and Can't Eat

Before you feed birds anything, it would be wise to check our list of things they can and can't eat. We cover most edibles out there.

how to care for a baby bird

How To Care for A Baby Bird: Feeding, Care and Diet Tips

If you find a baby bird, its best to approach its care according to it's
age in order to assure success.
Here's what you'll need to know...

can birds make you sick

Can Birds Make You Sick? What Diseases Might They Carry?

Yes, and you'll be surprised at how many diseases they can carry. Here we'll discuss them, reveal their symptoms, and ways they can spread.

do birds go into heat

Do Birds Go Into Heat?
What Are the Signs & Triggers?

A bird's heat is unlike that of mammals. We discuss what happens
to the bird when in heat as well as
length and its evidence.

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