Bird Senses
and How They Use Them

Bird Senses

Bird Senses…
How Do They Experience The World?

Birds have the same senses but in a more acute way. Learn which ones are most needed.

bird vision

Bird Vision…
Just How Do They
See The World?

Do they see colors, light, and sharpness like us? How do they see the world around us?

how do birds sense danger

How Do Birds Sense Danger? How and What Can They Sense?

Considering most birds are hunted, how do they sense danger? What signs do they look for?

can birds smell things

Can Birds Smell Things? How
Sensitive Is Their Nose?

How much does smell play a part in a bird's life? How is the sense of
smell used to the
birds advantage?

what are birds scared of

What Are Birds
Scared Of?
You'll Be

Knowing what scares them helps keep them away. Eliminating what scares them helps to attract them.

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