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are hawks scavengers or predators

Are Hawks Scavengers
or Predators?

Some say scavengers, others say predators, but might they both be true? Or does that depend on the species?

hawk building a nest

Hawk Nesting Habits and Behaviors…What Are They?

When's their nesting season? Do they abandon their nests? When do they lay eggs? Learn all about these behaviors and habits.

hawk in a backyard

Is It Good or Bad to Have a
Hawk in Your Yard? Pros-Cons

Some are scared when
they're spotted, but they have
a good side too. We discuss
their pros and cons. 

do hawks attack dogs or cats

Do Hawks Attack Dogs and Cats? How To Protect Them

Need you be scared for your pet when hawks are around? There are ways to make sure your dog or cat is kept safe and doesn't become a meal.

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