Bird Flight
and Nesting Facts

Bird Flight Facts...

bird migration facts

Bird Migration Facts
A Helpful Guide

Do all birds fly south for the winter? Why do they do so? Where do they go? We answer these questions and more.

how can birds fly long distances

How Can Birds Fly Long Distances? What's Their Secret?

How do they fly without getting tired? How far in one day can they fly? Can they sleep while flying?

how do birds know to fly south

How Do Birds Know To Fly South When Migrating?

We use maps and compasses to know which way is south, but what do birds use, and how do they prepare for the flight?

how do birds learn to fly

How Do Birds Learn to Fly? The Answer May Surprise You

How much is instinct? How much is parental persuasion? And what happens if they don't learn to fly?

flying bird

Why Do Birds Fly?

There are all sorts of good reasons birds fly. From fleeing predators to flying in circles and V formations and more! Learn the fascinating reasons behind why they do.


What Birds Migrate?
Why Some Do And Others Don't?

Not all birds migrate, some just stay at home. This fascinating article discusses not only the types that do and don't, but also man's influence on bird migration.

Bird Nesting Facts...

bird nesting habits

Bird Nesting Behaviors
And Habits

This fascinating article gives a birds eye view of what takes place in and around a bird's nest from its build to what happens afterward.

bird nest facts

Bird Nest Facts - Learn Everything About Them

Is there anything about bird
nests we don't cover? We think not!
Learn what they're made of, the
largest and smallest nests, the most
beautiful, and much more!

what happens when you disturb a birds nest

What Happens if You Disturb a Birds Nest? Will It Return?

Will they return if the nest is disturbed? Should you ever move a nest? Are nests protected by law?

do birds abandon their babies

Do Birds Abandon Their Babies? Why Might They Leave?

There are instances where a bird
might abandon its nest. Yet,
there's reasons you might
not have guessed...

how long do baby birds stay in the nest

How Long Do Baby Birds
Stay in the Nest?

We discuss not only how long they
stay in the nest, but whether or
not they return as well as what
happens if they never leave.

how do birds leave the nest?

How Do Birds
Leave The Nest?

So what happens when it's time to fly
from home? We discuss the why, when,
and how it happens.

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