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We Review Bird Houses, Baths, Feeders,
Binoculars and Books

When considering the best bird products, like bird feeders, bird baths, bird houses, or even birdwatching binoculars, it's helpful to learn as much as you can about them before making any purchase.

It's also great to know the pros and cons of certain models as well as have product recommendations as to the best of the best, so nothing will catch you by surprise when you finally go to use it.

What you'll find below are not only in-depth articles that discuss things you'll need to know, but also recommendations as to the best bird products to buy.

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Bird Houses...

all about birdhouses

All About Birdhouses
Top 14 FAQ's Answered

Learning all you can about
birdhouses before buying one is a smart start in order to pick the best.

birdhouses birds will use

Birdhouses Birds Will Actually Use Their Pros and Cons

Here are our favorite birdhouse
picks with descriptions as well as
the good and bad of each.

Bird Baths...

are heated birdhouses good for birds

Are Heated Bird Baths Good or Bad for Birds? Pros-Cons

Birds love a good bath!
Learn the good and bad about heated baths, as well as some of our top picks.

best budget birdbaths

Best Budget Birdbaths
Pros and Cons

Birds enjoy bathing, regardless
of cost. Here's our favorite less
expensive baths with pros and cons.

best moving water birdbaths

Best Moving Water Bird Baths
Top 7 Baths Reviewed

We cover all types of moving water baths, from Best Fountain,
Eco-Friendly, Most Durable,
Best Budget Baths and others.

birdbaths birds will use

Bird Baths Birds Will Use,
What Are Their Favorites

Being fussy bathers, birds prefer certain features in birdbaths over others. Here they are…

different types of birdbaths

Different Types of Bird Baths
Learn Their Pros & Cons

Not all birdbaths are created equal. Here we discuss the different types as well as the good and bad of each.

Bird Watching Binoculars…

best birding glasses under $100

Best Birding Glasses Under $100 Bird Watching
On A Budget

Bird watching binoculars don't
be expensive. Here, we rate
the best ones under $100.

best birding glasses under $200

Best Birding Glasses Under $200 - Perfect For Birdwatching

These more moderately priced binoculars offer sharper optics,
and are also good for stargazing.

best birding glasses over $200

Best Birding Glasses $200 and Above -Our Top Picks

Well built with really sharp optics, these binocular's are great for camping, stargazing,
and of course, birdwatching!

Birding Books…

best birding books

Best Birding Books
for Beginners, Kids
and Advanced Birders

These top books about birds
are a feast for the eyes,
and are great for all age brackets.

Bird Feeders…

best bird feeder with a camera

Outdoor Bird Feeders with Camera Reviewed
Pros & Cons

Teach the kids about birds or see what birds are visiting your feeder. Connect to your phone for real time viewing!

best squirrelproof birdfeeders

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders
For Yard Or Garden

Squirrels aren't cute when they're robbing your feeder. These feeders are designed to be squirrel proof.

best bird feeders

Best Bird Feeders: Decorative-Budget-Window
or Suet Feeders

Bird feeders come in different types. Here are our favorites in each
of these categories.

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