How To Scare Away Birds
From Your House Or Garden

Wondering how to scare away birds from your house or garden?

Every area of your house or yard has its own unique circumstances and techniques necessary to best scare away birds. And it's because of this that we offer separate articles (below) that deal with each area.

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-How To Scare Away Birds From Your Garden-

how to bird proof garden

How To Bird Proof Your Garden
Easy To Follow Tips

Here are some great visual as well as physical deterrents that work well at
bird-proofing your garden.

how to keep birds away from plants

How To Keep Birds Away from Plants 7 Helpful Solutions

Not all bird deterrents work well,
but if one doesn't, the other one will.
Here's seven that are worth considering.

how to keep birds away naturally

How To Keep Birds Away Naturally 7 Great Ideas

No need to use chemical repellents that might harm the bird when natural, safe deterrents can work better.

how to keep birds away from my garden

How To Keep Birds Away from
My Garden - Helpful Ideas

Learn some additional ideas
to bird-proof your garden in
a safe and effective way.

-How To Scare Away Birds From Your House-

how to keep birds from my home

How To Keep
Birds Away
from My Home
13 Areas Covered

We discuss some of the best methods used to keep birds away from 13 different home areas.

how to keep birds off of outdoor furniture

How To Keep Birds Away from
Outdoor Furniture

Top Deterrents

Birds make a mess on outdoor furnishings, keeping them away isn't easy…but here's the cure.

how to keep birds off patio deck

How To Keep Birds Away from
Your Patio Deck
7 Helpful Tips

Patio decks can be
kept bird mess free with
some of our helpful tips and resources here…

keep birds from nest building in wreaths

How To Keep Birds from Building
Nests in Your Wreaths

Birds love nesting in
and taking nesting
material from wreaths…here are some great solutions to stop that!

keep birds from pecking at screen

How To Keep Birds from Pecking at Your Window Screens

Birds can hurt screens
as well as themselves.
Being aggressive
before something happens is important.

keep birds out of hanging baskets

How To Keep Birds
Out of Your
Hanging Baskets

Making hanging baskets unappealing is the secret to keeping them away. Here's the best
solutions to use.

stop birds from nesting in awnings

How To Stop Birds
from Nesting in Your Awning: 6 Great Tips

Some solutions work, while others might not. That's why it's best to have multiple options to choose from, like these.

how to stop birds from getting into chimney

How To Stop
Birds Getting into Chimney Safety Tips

There are certain products that work well at keeping birds from getting into your chimney. Read here to solve your problem.

keep birds away from chimney

How To Keep Birds Away from Chimneys
Before They Get In

Here are some great
ideas for keeping birds
away from your
chimney, so they aren't
tempted to nest inside.

how to stop birds on your roof

How To Stop Birds on Your Roof Without Hurting Them

Birds on your roof are
not only noisy but can also do damage. Here's a few of the best ways to keep them off!

how to scare away unwanted birds

How To Scare Away Unwanted Birds
5 Powerful Tips

Birds can be repelled safely if you know the right way. We offer here five of the top solutions
to scare them off.

why are birds attacking my windows

Why Are Birds
Attacking My Windows??

Knowing why they attack helps with the cure
and prevention. We
explain this as well as
offering solutions.

-How To Scare Away Birds From Your Yard-

best bird deterrents for lawns

Best Bird Deterrents for Lawns: Top 8 With Pros & Cons

Birds can dig up and destroy lawns! Here's 8 deterrents for you to consider, along with the pros and cons of each.

birdproof outdoor lights

Bird Proof Outdoor Lights: Helpful and Effective Tips

Birds can make a mess
of outdoor spaces
quickly. These solutions are great at stopping them before they start.

how to keep birds away from my pool

How To Keep Birds Away from My Pool
9 Helpful Tips

Incorporating these creative repellants around your pool can have
a positive effect at
keeping birds at bay.

how to repel birds

How To Repel Birds
5 Helpful Tips
for Fast Results

Some deterrents work better than others,
and having multiple
choices gives a greater chance of success.

how to stop birds from destroying lawns

How To Stop Birds Destroying Lawn
and Digging Soil

Knowing why they peck
on your lawn can help
solve your problem. This also determines your choice of deterrents.

-How To Scare Away Birds From Other Areas-

keeping birds away from car

How To Keep Birds Away from Your Car
5 Helpful Tips

Birds love our cars…especially after they've been washed! Here are tips to keep them away, and FAQs answered.

how to keep birds out of dog food

How To Keep Birds
Out of Dog Food and Water: 4 Easy Steps

Easy to follow tips allow your dog to be the only one that consumes its food and water, not sharing it with birds.

stop birds attacking car windows

How To Stop Birds Attacking Car Windows and Mirrors

Birds attacking and dive bombing your car's windows and mirrors? Here are some helpful tips to reduce the barrage.

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