Crow Facts and Information

This crow facts and information page houses in-depth articles that cover everything you might want to know about this highly intelligent bird.

The following articles include topics about...

  • Their nesting habits and behaviors
  • The unique behaviors of this bird
  • What are their likes and dislikes?
  • The pros and cons of having them in your garden
  • Just how smart are they?
  • How aggressive are they toward humans and other birds?

crow nesting habits

Crow Nesting Habits
and Behavior Explained

Learn about when they nest and lay eggs. Do they return to the same nest? What do nests look like?...and more!

are crows aggressive to humans

Do Crows Attack Humans?
Are People At Risk?

How common is it? Why do they attack? Can they kill us? Learn this
and how to stop their attacks.

what do crows like to collect or eat

What Do Crows Like
the Most to Eat or Collect?

Like humans, crows have routines and preferences. This fascinating article deals with what their likes are.

are crows aggressive to other birds

Are Crows Aggressive to Other Birds? You'll Be Surprised

Are they aggressive, like the bullies of the bird world? Or is their reputation unfounded? This article explains.

what do crows like to eat or collect

Why Do Crows Bring Gifts to Humans? Do They Like Us?

They're gift givers alright, but why? Is this commonplace, or rare? What's the
reason they're so generous?

what to feed a crow

What To Feed Crows to Make Friends - You'll Be Surprised

The way to a crows heart is through their stomach. Here's what they like most if you want to be friends.

which is smarter a dog or a crow

Which Is Smarter:
A Dog or a Crow?

Crows are smart, but smarter than your dog? Read our head to beak comparison and make your own judgment.

why are crows so loud?

Why Are Crows So Loud? Why They Caw - Tips to Stop Them

In the morning, at night, boy are they loud! But why? And is there anything you can do to stop them?

are crows good to have around?

Is It Bad or Good To Have
Crows in Your Yard?

Is it a good thing or a bad thing to have crows in your yard? We
discuss the pros and cons of both.

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