Attracting Birds
To Your Yard Or Garden

When it comes to attracting birds to your yard or garden, we cover each area of interest with it's own dedicated article.

You'll not only find helpful tips on how to attract them to your yard, but also to your patio and balcony. 

Find too, ways to attract them to birdfeeders, bird baths and hird houses!

how do i attract birds to my feeder

How Do I Attract
Birds To My Bird
Feeder Secrets

Knowing your
common birds, then
choosing foods they like
is a start. Then do this…

how to attract birds to my yard or garden

How To Attract Birds to Your Yard or
Garden - Top Secrets

Birds love socializing, preening, and hydrating. Giving them these opportunities increases the chance to see them.

how do i attract colorful birds to my yard

How To Attract Colorful Birds to My Yard: 10 Helpful Tips

We list the plants they
like most, as well as give
10 ideas to enhance
your chances of
attracting colorful birds.

how to attract birds in the city

How To Attract Birds in the City: Easy Tips for City Dwellers

Providing a safe location and all the things birds love is a great start to attracting birds in the city. Here are
our 6 Top Tips…

how to attract birds to my birdbath

How To Attract
Birds to My Bird Bath
14 Helpful Hacks

Is your birdbath not seeing much action? Here are 14 helpful ideas to make your birdbath a communal hot spot.

how to attract birds in the winter

How To Attract
Birds During Winter
5 Helpful Tips

Birds appreciate certain things during the winter months more than others. Here are 5 that we know winter birds can't resist…

how to attract birds to your patio

How To Attract Birds
to Your Deck or Patio
6 Helpful Tips

Here's 6 ideas to attract
birds to deck or patio.
Offering nesting options, installing water points, the right foods and more.

how do you attract birds to a feeder in winter

How Do You Attract
Birds To A New Feeder
In The Winter? 8 Tips

Birds love winter feeders, but there's more to attracting them than just offering food. Find multiple tips here to
ensure the most birds.

how to care for birdhouses so birds keep coming back

How To Care for Birdhouses So They
Keep Coming Back 

Birds prefer a well-maintained birdhouse as home. But what all
needs to be done,
and how often?

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