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On this bird behavior facts and information page, we offer articles that range from sleep behaviors to winter behaviors to even why they chirp at weird hours and more!

do birds understand each other?

Do Birds Understand Each Other? Can They Communicate?

They do, but what
they say and how they
do so differs. Here's a fascinating look.

what do birds do at night?

What Do Birds Do at Night? What Do They Do After Dark?

Nocturnal and diurnal birds have different
nightime behaviors.
We dissect both here...

why are birds so loud

Why Are the Birds So Loud? The Reasons Will Surprise You

There are specific reasons for this, but what are they? The reasons
they're so loud are...

how do birds sleep at night

How Do Birds
Sleep at Night?
Here's Their Secret

They always need to
be on guard, so how
do they get any sleep?
Learn how here...

why do birds attack

Why Do Birds Attack? Here's the
Real Reason

To fend off predators?
Or are there other reasons too? Do they attack humans too?

why do birds chirp

Why Do Birds Chirp?
5 Fascinating

There are reasons they
do so at various times
of day, and why they
repeat the same chirps. 

do birds kill other birds

Do Birds Kill Other Birds? Why Might
They Attack?

Yes, but why would
they do so? Here are the reasons you might not have thought of...

do birds sleep?

Do Birds Sleep? 
You'll Find The
Answer Fascinating

Where, how, and at what times do they sleep?
Do they dream? 
or sleep while flying?

where do birds go in the winter

Where Do Birds Go
in the Winter?
Stay Home or Migrate?

Some migrate, while others don't. Do they hibernate? How do they handle the cold?

what do birds do in the winter

What Do Birds
Do in The Winter?
How Do They Adapt?

What are the different ways birds cope with
the cold? Their creativity is amazing.

why are birds chirping at night in winter

Why Are Birds
Chirping at Night
in Winter?

There are lots of reasons
for this behavior. Here
are the top 4 reasons
that they do.

what do winter birds do in the winter

What Do Winter Birds Do in The Winter…How Do They Adapt?

Since they don't migrate, how do they survive?
How do they keep warm and eat differently?

hanging bird feeder

Should You
Feed Birds
Year Round?

Wondering if year round feeding is good/bad for birds? Or should you feed them seasonally?

how do birds sleep?

How Do Birds Sleep? Not All Birds Sleep the Same Way

Birds sleep differently
than humans. Learn the how, when, and the
why of bird sleep.

talking bird

Do Birds

How is it that birds talk?
And what do they say
or mean when they do?

egyptian vulture

Birds That 
Eat Dead

These birds aren't fussy eaters, even if that meal isn't alive. Here's the top 4 birds that like their meals cold! 

mother bird feeding its baby

How Mother Birds
Their Babies

When it comes to mama birds feeding their young, there's more to it than there seems...

empty bird feeder

What Happens
If I Stop Feeding
The Birds?

Will birds become reliant upon your feeding them?
Will it hurt them should you stop doing so?

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