Cardinal Facts and Information

This Cardinal facts and information page houses all of our articles about this beautiful bird and will answer many questions you might have about them, from their egg stage to their baby stage to adulthood.

Cardinal Nest

Cardinal Nesting
Season and Habits

Learn about when and where
Cardinals nest, as well as how
they build them and about their eggs. 

cardinal sitting on a branch

How To Attract Cardinals
to Your Yard or Garden

Learn what appeals to them, from shrubery, favorite foods, feeders they like, and even where to place them!

cardinal on a bird feeder

Bird Feeders
That Attract Cardinals
Tips & Recommendations

Increase your odds of attracting them by choosing feeders they like! You'll like that our recommendations are all under $50

baby cardinals

Baby Cardinal Facts
8 Top Questions Answered

Are they red when born? How many eggs are laid a year? How long till they fly? Learn this and more!

cardinal in the wintertime

How Do Cardinals
Survive the Winter?

During winter, where do they live? What do they eat? Do they like the cold? Learn more fascinating things.

cardinal in the snow

How To Attract Cardinals in Winter: What's The Best Way?

Learn the things Cardinals appreciate during the winter as well as how to attract them. Find food recommendations too!

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