Hummingbird Facts
and Information

On this Hummingbird Facts and Information page, we offer links to the many helpful articles we've written about this fascinating bird. 

What do hummingbirds like?

What Do Hummingbirds Like? Favorite Food, Colors, Flowers

We all have our favorite things, and so
do hummingbirds. We'll bet you didn't
know all the things they like.

How to attract hummingbirds to your garden

How To Attract Hummingbirds
to Your Yard or Garden

Who doesn't want more hummingbirds?
We show you what it takes
to see more in your yard.

bird baths that attract hummingbirds

Bird Baths That Attract Hummingbirds and
Discourage Big Birds

Hummingbirds can be fussy bathers,
so it's helpful to know what their preferences are for bird baths.

when do hummingbirds nest?

When Do Hummingbirds
Nest and Lay Eggs?
State by State

We cover each state when they
lay eggs and nest. When do
they do so in your state?

where do hummingbirds go at night?

Where Do Hummingbirds Go at Night? Do They Feed? Sleep? 

Do they fly at night? Do they feed
after dark? Are they homebodies?
The answer may surprise you.

what feeders attract the most hummingbirds

What Feeders Attract
the Most Hummingbirds?

What draws them to a feeder? Aren't all feeders the same? Here are the ones
we felt would attract the most.

where do hummingbirds live throughout the year

Where Do Hummingbirds
Live Year-Round?
Do They Stay or Migrate?

Do they migrate? Do they return to
the same place? Are all hummingbirds
the same in this regard?

what to feed hummingbirds

What You Should
or Should Not Feed
to Hummingbirds

Nectar is good, but there are other things that are good for them and some that aren't. Learn more here...

Where do hummingbirds sleep

Where Do Hummingbirds
Sleep? Where Do
They Prefer to Nest?

Do they return to the same place to sleep? Do they have a preffered
nesting and sleeping area? What
happens when they sleep? 

what do hummingbirds eat in the winter

What Do
Hummingbirds Eat Most
in the Winter?

Do their diets change in cold weather?
Do they prefer different plants?
nectars? Or does it matter?
This fascinating article covers it all.

do hummingbirds chirp

Do Hummingbirds Chirp or Sing?
What Sounds Do They Make?

Is the sound they make from their wings, or the hummingbird? They make all sorts of interesting noises, and this article identifies the source.

what do hummingbirds like nesting in

What Do Hummingbirds Like
to Nest In? It's Not Just Birdhouses

Learn whether they prefer nests or birdhouses. Learn how they build
their nests and their Top 5 most
common places to nest.

what do baby hummingbirds eat?

What Do Baby Hummingbirds Eat? Here's the Fascinating Facts

Nutritional requirements for baby Hummingbirds are not the same as adults...but what does such a tiny bird
eat in the first place?

what do hummingbirds drink?

What Do Hummingbirds Like to Drink? It's Not Just Water

Do hummingbirds ever drink just water?
Or do they need
something more considering
their high energy?

do hummingbirds sleep?

Do Hummingbirds Sleep?
Here's Their Sleep Habits

Hummingbirds have the most interesting sleep habits of all garden birds! Read this article of ours, and you'll agree...

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