Bird Baths
That Attract Hummingbirds

These Smaller Baths Discourage Larger Birds

By Richard Worden

Hummingbirds, like most other bird species, periodically take a dip in water and are attracted to bird baths when they find them. As they are much smaller and daintier than other birds, regular sized bird baths may scare them off. Luckily, there are plenty of options for smaller bird baths that attract hummingbirds.

Bird baths that attract hummingbirds are typically bright and shallow. The best on the market is the HAIKUAWAY Hanging Bird Bath due to its bright size and feeder adapter. However, there are plenty of great options in the market, depending on your requirements.

For a detailed overview of bird baths for hummingbirds, stick around, as I’ve researched the best ones. They all come in bright, beautiful colors with shallow water to keep the birds safe. They are all available on Amazon, so you know they are a quality you can trust.

Birdbaths that attract hummingbirds

What Type of Bird Bath Do Hummingbirds Like?

While hummingbirds can use a regular bird bath, the splashes of much larger birds in the bath can be intimidating for hummingbirds. Also, the deep water can be challenging for them to navigate.

Bird baths designed for hummingbirds are much smaller, so if you have limited space or budget, hummingbird baths are a great place to start.

Hummingbirds like small, shallow, and bright-colored bird baths. The small size discourages bigger birds and creates a comfortable space for hummingbirds, while the bright colors draw the hummingbirds’ attention and make them more likely to choose your bird bath over others.

Listed below are some of the best online options for bird baths that attract hummingbirds.

Best Bird Baths for Hummingbirds

- Best Bird Bath for Your Flower Patch -

LEWIS & WAYNE Garden Trellis Bird Bath

Garden Trellis Bird Bath

The Lewis and Wayne bird bath may not be the brightest of the options available, but it is a beautiful bird bath. 

The trellis design beautifully complements the natural design choices of many gardens, and the hummingbird design on the base signals to real hummingbirds that the bird bath is designed for them.

Because of the small size of the bath, this bird bath has two small spokes on the bottom that dig into the ground, keeping it upright without too much assembly necessary. Hummingbirds will feel comfortable in this dainty bath and can enjoy a break from their daily routine.

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YANZ Solar Bird Bath Planter

YANZ Solar Bird Bath Planter

This is the priciest bird bath on the list, but it is worth every cent. The YANZ bird bath is an outdoor planter, a solar-powered lamp, and a bird bath all at once. While it isn't explicitly designed for hummingbirds, it is a great choice to attract them.

The planter underneath the bird bath allows you to plant bright-colored flowers. The bright colors of the flowers will draw the hummingbirds' attention to the area, and they are likely to keep coming back if they can access nectar and water in the same place.

- Best Bird Bath for Low Effort and Good Results -

WUFEILY Hanging Bird Bath

WUFEILY Hanging Bird Bath

If you are looking for a pretty bird bath that is easy to install, this may be the one for you. Its bright, colorful design attracts hummingbirds, and the small size makes it impossible for larger birds to come and scare them off. 

This is a low-effort and low-price option for attracting hummingbirds to the garden. However, it has a couple of drawbacks. It's hung from a hook, meaning the water can be easily knocked out. You’ll also need to refill it more often because of its small size, but this can be done easily with a small jug or watering can. 

- Best Bird Bath for an Aesthetically Pleasing Garden -

MUMTOP Glass Bird Bath

MUMTOP Glass Bird Bath

This bird bath is excellent if your focus is aesthetics in the garden. It comes in various brightly-colored glass bowls and can be inserted easily into the ground with four metal spokes. 

It will be a beautiful addition to your garden. It even comes in a hummingbird variety, so you can look at the beautiful birds whether it is occupied or not.

Be careful with this product if you have kids or animals, as it’s very delicate and may be broken by children or pets running around the garden. It can also pose a safety risk. You should also be wary of colder temperatures, as the ice may cause the glass to crack.

- Best Bird Bath for Attracting Hummingbirds -

HAIKUADAY Hanging Bird Baths

Bird Baths

What this bird bath lacks in beauty, it makes up for in practicality. It hangs from the tree and comes in a bright-green color, sure to grab the attention of the hummingbirds in the area to stop in for a bath. 

It hangs easily from any tree or tall bush in your garden, making it perfect for viewing the birds from a window.

That's not where the fun stops, though. You can attach small, nectar-filled feeders to the rim of the bird bath so the hummingbirds can stop for a drink of nectar and a bath simultaneously. Talk about spoiling them!

- Best Bird Bath for Low Light Areas -

Ottsuls Solar Bird Feeder & Bird Bath

Ottsuls Solar Bird Feeder
& Bird Bath

This bird bath is an excellent atmospheric addition to your yard. The solar-powered lamp lights the entire structure from above, and the transparent materials reflect the light, turning the whole thing into a small lamp when it's dark.

This can be useful for hummingbirds, who prefer their feeders and bird baths to be in a dimly lit area. 

The bright lights and colors will catch the attention of the hummingbirds even if it is hidden amongst the leaves. The only drawback is that it can take quite some work to get it level.

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Hanizi Deck Mounted Bird Bath

Hanizi Deck Mounted
Bird Bath

If you don't have any trees to hang bird feeders from or a lawn to insert feeder spokes into, you can still have a bird bath to attract hummingbirds. 

This handy bird bath has a simple design, with a clamp that you can use to attach the bath to your front porch. This way, you can enjoy hummingbirds and other birds with no garden required.

This isn't the flashiest bird bath design ever, and you may want to paint it a brighter color to attract hummingbirds to the area. Still, it allows everyone to have fun birdwatching from the comfort of their home, regardless of their living situation. 

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LIULIUCAI Sunflower Standing Bird Feeder

Standing Bird Feeder

These irresistible sunflowers are advertised as bird feeders but can quickly be filled with water to provide a shallow bath or drinking spot for local hummingbirds. 

They come as a two-piece, so you can use one as a bird feeder and one as a bird bath.

The bird bath is excellent for hummingbirds as the bright colors will attract them to your garden, and the shallow dishes will prevent other creatures from attempting to join them.

Make sure you keep them in a safe area because kids, pets, or even larger birds could knock these over and scare away the hummingbirds.

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Bird Baths That Attract Hummingbirds ...Conclusion

You can use a specific type of bird bath to attract hummingbirds. The best bird baths for this purpose are usually small to discourage bigger birds, which makes the bath comfortable for hummingbirds. 

Bird baths meant for hummingbirds are also typically brightly colored to attract the birds. 

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