How Do I Attract Birds
To My Bird Feeder?

By Richard Worden

If you have a growing interest in feeding birds, it’s only normal to wonder if there are any unique hacks on how to attract birds to your bird feeder. Indeed, a few tricks can help you get these feathered creatures to feed from your how do I attract birds to my bird feeder?s

You can attract local and migrating birds to your bird feeder by adding the right food to your bird feeder. It’s best to research the common birds in your area, find out what they like to eat, and add them to your feeder.

There are other tried-and-true things that you can do to attract birds to your bird feeder. Read the rest of this article to discover these tips and learn how you can maintain regular bird attendance at your feeder.

how do I attract birds to my bird feeder

Different Ways To Attract Birds To Your Bird Feeder

There are many different things you can try to attract birds to your bird feeder, so if one doesn’t work, you have other options. 

However, the most important aspect of getting birds to eat at your bird feeder is to put the right food in it. I’ll go over this (and discuss many other ways to attract birds) in the following sections. how do I attract birds to my bird feeder

Put the Right Bird Food in Your Bird Feeder

Birds will naturally gravitate toward foods that they like and are comfortable eating. So, if you notice that no birds are visiting your feeder or the visiting birds aren’t eating, you may want to ensure you’re putting the right bird food in your feeder. 

To do this, you need to know what birds are in your area and the type of food they eat.

Learn About the Birds That Visit Your Bird Feeder

For starters, it may be helpful to assess the kind of birds that visit your backyard. You can also check your local wildlife authority to learn about local birds and other birds that migrate to your area at different times. Learning about your feathered visitors will help you decide what food to serve them. 

Check out this bird guide for detailed information on the feeding habits of over 800 bird species in North America. Understandably, 800 birds is a lot to study. But thankfully, you can filter the list if you would like to focus on birds within a specific region. 

Find Out What Birds in Your Area Eat

Attracting birds to your bird feeder starts with knowing what the birds like to eat. Once you get a sense of the birds that may visit your bird feeder, find out what they want to eat and add them to your bird feeder. how do I attract birds to my bird feeder

You can start with seeds and berries from native plants in your area. However, if you’re keen on giving the birds a variety of nutrients, then you may want to add some feeders as supplements.

Add a Variety of Bird Foods To Your Feeder

Putting a particular food type in your feeder will attract only a few birds. If you want to attract more birds of different kinds, add a variety of bird foods to your feeder. It’s best to use bird foods that’ll appeal to a significant number of birds.

Here are some of the top bird foods that will attract a variety of birds to your bird feeder:

  • Seed mixes are ideal if you’re new to bird feeding and want to attract different birds. However, seed mixes can create a mess as birds pick out their preferred seeds. The trade-off is that the unwanted seeds that fall to the ground will become easily accessible to ground birds like doves and sparrows.
  • Suet is a healthy source of protein for many birds. This highly proteinous food helps birds stay warm during the winter months. You can serve suet as logs, cakes, balls, or nuggets in your bird feeder. You can also place soft balls of suet on trees or feeder poles so that climbing birds like nuthatches can reach them easily.
  • Nectar is a high-energy food for birds, including orioles, sunbirds, woodpeckers, verdins, and hummingbirds. Birds can get natural nectar from the flowers in your gardens. However, you can also make your nectar by dissolving some sugar in warm water. Avoid using sugar substitutes like molasses and honey because they can harm the birds.
  • Mealworms attract a variety of insectivorous birds like thrashers and bluebirds. You can buy dry, live, or roasted mealworms and display them in a seed dish so that the birds can see them easily.
  • Nyjer or Thistle are oil-rich plant seeds that will attract different finches, including siskins, redpolls, and goldfinches. These seeds are rich in protein and essential fatty oils that encourage growth in young birds.

Use Multiple Bird Feeders

If you’ve had just one bird feeder in your yard for a while and you don’t see as many birds as you would like, you may need more feeders. As contradictory as this may sound, this tip has benefited many people’s bird-feeding ventures, and I’ll show you how.

Earlier, I highlighted the need to add a variety of bird foods to attract many birds. The most effective way to apply this tip is to use multiple bird feeders. 

Using multiple bird feeders will help you add as many foods as you think will attract different birds. Applying this tip will also reduce the chances of having an overcrowded feeder where the smaller birds may not be able to reach the food.

If you want to add bird feeders to your backyard, you may like the weatherproof Kingsyard Birdfeeder House with Triple Feeder (available on This elegantly designed feeder has three different compartments with a combined capacity of 2.8 pounds (1.27 kg). With this feeder in your yard, you can serve up to three bird seeds and attract a wide variety of birds, including finches, orioles, and chickadees.

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Place the Bird Feeder in a Safe Location

Birds often perch in some safe place away from the feeder before approaching it. Once they see that the coast is clear of predators, they fly to the feeding platform for a few bites and then return to their safe spot.

So, ensuring a haven around your bird feeder is one way to attract birds to your bird feeder. Some areas that can make great safe spots include trees and shrubbery. how do i attract birds to my bird feeder
Place your bird feeder away from your cat’s hideaway and other predators like squirrels. Choose a bird feeder with a baffle to prevent squirrels from climbing to the feeding area. In addition, create as many perches as possible to accommodate many birds.

If you’re looking for a squirrel-proof bird feeder, I suggest the Molsoy Metal Bird Feeder (available on This feeder has a metal baffle that prevents squirrels from getting into the seed storage. The baffle also doubles as a protective cover so your bird seeds won’t get wet when it rains. What’s more? With its 360-degree feeding, several birds can eat from the feeder at once.

Place a Birdbath Near the Bird Feeder

Birds also need water. And many times, a birdbath near your feeder can attract them to the feeder. However, your feathery friends may not know that you have a water source, except if they hear water dripping.

You can get the attention of flying birds with moving water from many things, including a: 

  • Fountain
  • Sprinkler
  • Mister
  • Wiggler. 

Alternatively, you can add a lovely bird fountain to your yard. However, avoid placing the bath too close to the feeder, where crumbs of food can get into the water and make it dirty. 

If you need a birdbath, buy one that will provide a water source for the birds and add some aesthetic value to your landscape. 

One product that fits the bill is the Alpine Corporation Antique 28-Inch Flower Bird Bath (available on This birdbath has a shallow bath that makes it easy for birds to drink from it. It also has a nice and simple design that adds aesthetic value to any outdoor space. In addition, this antique bird bath boasts a weatherproof and sturdy construction that promises long-lasting use.

Keep the Bird Feeder Clean

A variety of bird foods in your bird feeders will attract different birds. But a clean bird feeder will keep the birds coming now and then.

Clean your bird feeders regularly to prevent predators and insects from getting close to the feeding area. Dirty feeders can breed disease-causing pathogens that can harm the birds and make them sick.

So, ensure that you create a cleaning routine and be consistent with it. And while you are at it, ensure that you clean the area around the feeders where crumbs, seeds, and even bird droppings may have gathered.

How Do I Attract Birds To My Bird Feeder...
Final Thoughts

Attracting birds to a bird feeder can be challenging for the uninformed. With the right tricks and trips, your outdoor space can become one of the best places for birds to perch, nibble, and chirp. 

To attract birds to your bird feeder, find out what popular birds in your area like to eat and add them to your bird feeder. You can also add a birdbath or fountain to attract migrating birds who wish to take a drink. Keep the feeding area clean and make it inaccessible to predators so the birds can keep visiting.

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