Birdhouses Birds Will Actually Use

Here's The Top 6 Houses With Their Pros And Cons

By Richard Worden

Birdhouses are a safe haven for birds to build nests, raise their young, and stay safe from predators. These structures are an effective way of inviting feathered friends into your backyard, improving both the aesthetics and energy of your living space. However, most birdhouses are decorative and not ideal for birds, but there are a few birdhouses birds will actually use.

The SUQEFAN Statues Hanging Birdhouse is ideal for birds, and one of the top birdhouses birds will actually use if set up in your backyard. The structure is made with renewable material and painted with safe, non-toxic substances.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this design from SUQEFAN and also look at other birdhouses birds will actually use.

1. Best Overall: SUQEFAN Statues Art Resin Birdhouse

SUQEFAN Statues Art Resin Birdhouse

This birdhouse is made with robust and durable resin that safely degrades without harming the environment. The basic structure is pretty realistic and provides ample space for a variety of birds to build nests and raise their young. This structure also comes in four styles, each with a different kind of roof.

  • Brick roof
  • Thatch roof
  • Chimney roof
  • Tile roof

Each style has a specific color combination that gives it a unique twist and doubles as a piece of art in your backyard. 


  • Ideal for a variety of birds, including wrens, chickadees, sparrows, robins, nuthatches, and hummingbirds.
  • Made from renewable material, so it’s environment-friendly.
  • Unique designs add to the aesthetic appeal of your backyard.


  • Not large enough to accommodate more giant birds like owls

2. Best Budget Birdhouse: Plaid Enterprises Birdhouse

Plaid Enterprises Birdhouse

Some of us just want to create a space where birds can feel welcome to set up a home. It needn’t be aesthetically pleasing or even fit in with the theme of your garden. If practicality is the goal, this birdhouse by plaid enterprises is perfect for you.

It’s probably the cheapest birdhouse on the market and is known to attract the attention of most birds who spend time in your garden. The best part is that because it’s so cheap, you can buy them in plenty and set them up in various parts of your backyard to attract more birds. However, ensure you’re hanging them away from predators!


  • Extremely affordable price
  • Basic, wooden design, so you can use your own color theme to paint it


  • Not aesthetically pleasing, unlike most birdhouses out there, so it may look out of place in your garden

3. Best Hummingbird House: WDEFUN Hummingbird House

WDEFUN Hummingbird House

If you’re looking to attract hummingbirds specifically (because, let’s face it, who isn’t?), these tear-drop-shaped birdhouses will be the perfect addition to your garden. These structures are hand-woven using grass and will blend in seamlessly with the foliage in your backyard.

These birdhouses are also lightweight and super easy to set up nearly anywhere in your garden.


  • These structures are woven with grass and naturally decompose once you’re done using them.
  • Their natural look blends well with the trees and shrubs in your backyard.


  • These structures are only for hummingbirds and perhaps other tiny birds like wrens.
  • This birdhouse can’t be used more than once as it hasn’t been designed for cleanups.
  • They are a little flimsy than most other birdhouses and must be placed with great care.

4. Best Birdhouse for Large Bird: Owl House by HHWODB

Owl House by HHWODB

Most birdhouses are designed for more diminutive birds, like hummingbirds, wrens, and robins. However, this structure has been created specifically for owls, kestrels, and larger birds that want to roost.

It can be challenging to attract larger birds like barn owls and screech owls into your backyard. However, this is one of the birdhouses birds will actually use if set up in an appropriate location. The structure is also made of cedar wood, which is both high-quality and durable, ensuring it remains sturdy even after years of use. 

Additionally, this model also has a wide bottom with plenty of room for chicks to eat, sleep, and play, and it’s a delight to observe a family of owls snapping and screeching at one another.


  • Made from durable materials and built to last through the years
  • Ideal for bigger birds like owls and kestrels, who often don’t get birdhouses in their size
  • Wide bottom with an opening allows you to quickly and easily clean the birdhouse
  • An extra pole is attached to the birdhouse outside so owls can safely perch here.


  • The larger size puts off smaller birds, who prefer more cozy homes.
  • The size of this birdhouse, coupled with its color, makes it challenging to fit into your backyard.

5. Birdhouse With Feeder: Wooden Birdhouse by HHWODB

Wooden Birdhouse by HHWODB

Most birdhouses come with a hole that birds can squeeze into if they want to get cozy, lay their eggs, or escape the heat or cold. And most people setting up a birdhouse often have a separate feeding station for the birds to visit. 

Fortunately, this particular birdhouse combines both, giving you a big enough structure to accommodate several birds and a separate space where you can feed them. The design is made from high-quality biodegradable cedar wood that’s both non-toxic and incredibly durable.


  • Three holes in the birdhouse ensure that there’s space for more than one bird family to set up their nests.
  • The feeder attached to the house makes it much easier to attract birds. 
  • The structure uses only renewable materials; even the rope to hang the birdhouse is made from hemp.


  • The three holes may be wasteful as most birds won’t build a nest in such proximity to other nests. 
  • The feeder may attract other birds, which could disturb the family living in the birdhouse.
  • This structure is a lot more imposing and needs to be placed strategically, so it blends in with the surroundings.

6. Best Luxury Birdhouse: Novelty Cottage Birdhouse

Novelty Cottage Birdhouse

If you’re looking to give your feathered friends a luxury villa of their own, this birdhouse fits the bill. It’s much larger than most of the other birdhouses on this list and is sure to attract a variety of birds in the vicinity. 


  • The novelty cottage comes with a luxurious exterior, adding a pristine look to your backyard.
  • There’s a mounting peg on the back of the structure so it can be easily set up on walls, fences, and trees.
  • The entire back wall of this birdhouse can be removed when it’s time to clean.


  • This model is much more expensive than most other birdhouses on this list.

Birdhouses Birds Will Actually Use...Conclusion

We’ve looked at some birdhouses birds will actually use to set up a home in your backyard. While some birdhouses seem aesthetically pleasing, remember that it needs to be convenient for the birds and provide ample space to set up a nest.

By assessing your budget and using this list for reference, you can find the perfect birdhouse for your garden.

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