Bird Baths Birds Will Use

Birds Can Be Fussy Bathers, Here's Baths They'll Use

By Richard Worden

A bird bath can be fabulous in any garden, adding some eye candy and extra ambiance. However, the birds are the ones we really want to impress. So, which bird bath will draw the most attention? In other words…what are the bird baths birds will use?

Birds will use bird baths that catch their attention. Typically, these are baths with bright and colorful designs, or natural rustic ones, depending on the species. They should be firm and long-lasting and have a shallow enough bowl for even tiny birds to enjoy comfortably.

Let's look at some essential features of a good bird bath that draw the most avian eyes to your garden. bird baths birds will use

bird baths birds will use

What Bird Baths Do Birds Like?

If you're a wildlife enthusiast and want tips on how to draw more birds to your garden, a bird bath is a fantastic place to start. Bird baths catch birds' attention and encourage them to visit, drink from, and bathe in the water source you provide. 

This provides a better quality of life for indigenous birds, as they're supplied with fresh drinking water and a place to clean and preen to their hearts' content. 

This also gives you a unique opportunity to view these gorgeous winged individuals up close and personal. 

Birds like bird baths that are high enough off the ground to protect them from predators with a large enough rim or area for them to perch on. They also appreciate a constant supply of fresh water, specifically moving water from a fountain, mister, etc.

It can also be hugely beneficial to invest in a brightly-colored bird bath. These attract birds like warblers, hummingbirds, and orioles, amongst others.

What Is the Best Type of Bird Bath?

With so many bird baths to choose from, it seems impossible to choose the perfect one for your garden. Not to worry, the best bird baths birds will use have particular features that set them above the rest.

The best bird baths are made with weather-resistant material or coating so that it doesn’t rust, peel, or otherwise suffer from inclement weather. Additionally, bird baths should be versatile, easy to move, and stable. Unstable baths will make birds feel unsafe and discourage them from visiting. 

Furthermore, birds like moving water: Not every bird bath needs moving water, but the ones with this feature catch their eyes far quicker and provide a steady supply of fresh water, which is healthier than stagnant water. 

Energy-efficiency is another trait to look for in a high-quality bird bath. If the bird bath uses a pump system, it should ideally be solar-powered. This makes maintenance more convenient and less frequent and means the bath can be moved just about anywhere with sun exposure. 

With that in mind, we've listed some of the best bird baths the home and garden decor world offers. 

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What Color Bird Baths Do Birds Like?

The bird bath's color determines the birds that will be most attracted to your garden. Songbirds are more attracted to vibrant reds, blues, and yellows, while more elusive birds prefer camouflage or earthy tones.

MUMTOP Bird Bath

MUMTOP Bird Bath

This gorgeous red and pink flower design MUMTOP Bird Bath will attract hummingbirds, robins, and other birds with reddish plumage. They recognize the bath as having the same color as their desired mate and, in the hummingbird's case, the color of their food source. 

This stunning flower design is shallow enough for the smallest birds, with numerous perches in the form of swirling metal spirals. The three prongs keep the bath firmly in the ground, and the entire bath - from prongs to petals - is simple to assemble.

VCUTEKA Outdoor Bird Bath

VCUTEKA Outdoor Bird Bath

Meanwhile, the swirling blue design on the VCUTEKA Outdoor Bird Bath will attract blue jays, bluebirds, and sparrows. The birds, attracted to blue because it resembles their own plumage, won't be able to resist. 

This durable, weather-resistant glass and steel bird bath will be the envy of every neighbor and the favorite of every bird. 

Both of these are high enough off the ground to catch the attention of several species and keep them far enough away from roaming ground predators.

"Green" Bird Baths

If you're a bird lover, you should seriously consider purchasing an eco-friendly bird bath that uses renewable energy. 

Hpycohome Metal Solar Water Fountain Bird Bath

Hpycohome Metal Solar
Water Fountain Bird Bath

A great example of a "green" bath is the Hpycohome Metal Solar Water Fountain Bird Bath. It's sleek, minimalist, and has a removable solar-powered fountain feature.

The moving water and bright red flower design solar panel will attract more birds than the average bird bath. It requires absolutely no electricity and comes at a reasonable price. 

It's also made of durable metal, making it weather-resistant, sturdy, and long-lasting.

Smart Living Home & Garden Bedrock Birdbath

Smart Living Home & Garden Bedrock Birdbath

This imitation bedrock bird bath is durable and easy to clean, and the solar-operated pump makes it ideal for placing in any sunny area of your garden. It's made of glass fiber reinforced concrete and thus can withstand inclement weather over long periods. 

The Smart Living Home & Garden Bedrock Birdbath is versatile and has a bubbler and a fountain topper attachment. Skittish birds will be attracted to its natural, rustic look and gently flowing water.

A constant stream of fresh water is crucial to a bird's well-being, and the pump feature is a water-savvy way of fulfilling this need. Water flows in steadily but slowly, ensuring the shallow bowl never overflows or empties. 

This bath is a little on the pricey end, but it's a pretty good value for the money, considering all of the perks it offers.

Heated Bird Baths

Winter is harsh on all creatures, but especially on wild birds who have to exert a lot of energy to stay alive, come sun or snow.

The best way to accommodate our feathered friends in freezing climates is to offer them a heated bird bath to freshen up in.

Vantiorango Upgraded Heated Birdbath

Vantiorango Upgraded
Heated Birdbath

This bird bath bowl is shallow enough for even the tiniest birds, has a fully enclosed heating element, and is made with metal to withstand freezing weather. bird baths birds will use

The bowl is easily detachable and has three different attachment options for versatile and convenient use: 

  • Ground mount
  • Pedestal mount
  • Clamp mount

However, this sturdy bird bath relies on electricity to function, so ensure that your cable and outlet are waterproofed. 

MIXXIDEA Heatable Bird Bath

MIXXIDEA Heatable Bird Bath

TheMIXXIDEA's new deepened, dark green design is ideal for birds of all sizes and is less likely to freeze over in the winter. 

This bird bath is corded, but the cord is encased in a water-resistant metal tube. This lessens the chances of it getting damaged by water or frost. It has anti-slip pads, so it can remain stable on almost any surface. 

The heat-control design gives you power over its energy use and temperature, which you can adjust according to the atmospheric temperature. The MIXXIDEA is super affordable and long-lasting. 

Moving Water Bird Baths

Birds love moving water far more than still water. They rely on fresh water to survive, and constantly circulating water is their healthiest choice to drink and bathe in. Stagnant water can make them sick and can cause them to contract bacterial diseases. 

Read the Georgia Wildlife Department of Natural Resources blog for research on why birds like moving water and how to create a moving water effect with your bird bath or fountain. 

Kenroy Home bird bath

Kenroy Home 51083TL Vogel
Tiered Birdbath

This stunning ceramic bird bath has two tiers that perpetually circulate water through a gentle flow and dribble. 

This item is corded but includes a thermal-sensitive pump that switches off when it detects low water levels. You can maintain this bath without having to always check up on it. 

The glazed teal finish is a beautiful attraction for birds and humans alike, with enough room for numerous birds to perch on the edges of the bath and the decorative bird statue that tops the fountain. bird baths birds will use

Alpine Floor Fountain

Alpine Corporation TEC106-BZ
Alpine Floor Fountain

The bronze color Alpine Floor Fountain is a striking, rustic yet regal addition to any outdoor area. It consists of three tiers, each with a gently sloping, shallow bowl and fountain capabilities to keep fresh water circulating at all times. 

Though plastic isn't the ideal material for a bird bath, this one is a blend of resin and plastic, making it more durable and weather-resistant than its other plastic counterparts. 

This fountain is exceptionally lightweight, making it easier to move but more vulnerable to flying off in a storm or getting blown over by a strong wind. 

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We've written an entire article about the best birdbaths with moving water, all their pros and cons along with some great product recommendations from Amazon. Be sure to check out our article.

Sturdy Bird Baths

Dainty glass bird baths are fantastic to look at, but they don't always cut it when it comes to stability and durability. A steadfast bird bath should be made of a heavier material and preferably have a base broader and more solid than its stand. 

Sunnydaze Simply Square Modern Outdoor Bird Bath

Sunnydaze Simply Square
Modern Outdoor Bird Bath

This chic, modern, fiberglass-reinforced concrete bird bath is as sturdy as it gets. At 25 inches (63.5 cm) tall and 9.5 inches (24.13 cm) at the base, this bath will stay put, no matter the weather. 

The bowl can hold 0.5 gallons (1.89 liters) of water or less, which is versatile enough to accommodate medium to small birds. It doesn't come in separate parts, but as a whole, so there's no chance of losing any pieces or of it becoming less stable over time. 

The bowl's thick ledge allows avian visitors to sit comfortably and bask in the sunlight, waiting for their turn to take a splash or a drink. 

Oakland Living Sunflower Butterfly Bird Bath

Oakland Living Sunflower
Butterfly Bird Bath

The Oakland Sunflower Bath is absolutely gorgeous to look at, with exceptionally detailed sunflower design and frog and butterfly accents on the stand and bowl. 

This cast aluminum metal bath weighs 28 pounds (12.7 kg) and stands at 32 inches (81.28 cm) high, which makes it impossible to miss or misplace. 

The entire structure consists of:

  • The bowl
  • A base 
  • The stand 

These elements come apart for easy cleaning and make for a straightforward and secure assembly. The final product must have each piece secured with bolts included in the package. 

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Bird Baths Birds Will Use...Final Thoughts

There are countless bird bath designs to choose from, so when buying a bird bath, you must consider which elements influence your decision the most. 

For some, eco-friendly, moving water baths are the best. For others, delicate, brightly-colored ones work better. Take your environment into account, especially what birds frequent your garden and what the weather and climate are like where you live. 

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