Different Types of Bird Baths

Learn The Pros And Cons Of Each

By Richard Worden

If you're an avid bird watcher, you've probably considered getting a bird bath in your yard to attract more avian friends. Watching their hasty gulps & refreshing baths is entertaining, especially during winter when water becomes elusive.

However, with several different types of bird baths available, settling for one might be challenging, so I have compiled some of the best to consider below:

1. Athena Garden Cast Stone Large Octagon Bird Bath

athena garden bird bath

This bird bath is a solid cast stone with the bowl and pedestal intricately carved into a striking 8-sided figure. It will add aesthetics to your garden, as it comes in several colors while luring birds with its water for your view.

Athena bird bath is 21 inches (0.5 m) tall with a 15-inch (0.38 m) wide bowl. It weighs 39 lbs (17.7 kg), unsurprisingly, being a concrete product.


  • Its weight makes it stable to withstand adverse conditions, from heavy winds to wild & merciless blizzards.
  • It doesn't require any complex procedure to set up. Order the bird bath, place it in your desired spot, pour clean & fresh water, and it's ready!


  • The producers use metallic paint for the bowl, which may wear off and cause corrosion, discoloring the once aesthetic bird bath.
  • The weight may also be a disadvantage because you can't quickly move it around when necessary.

2. Hanizi Deck Mounted Bird Bath Bowl Spa 

 Hanizi Deck Mounted Bird Bath

Hanizi Bird Bath is a one-pound (0.45-kilogram), 12-inches (0.3-meter) wide bowl. It can hold up to a liter of water, which should be enough daily for many avians, but you can easily refill it at any time.

This bird bath has to be mounted on decks in your home, which is nice if you want proximity to your window(s).


  • Its attachable nature makes it easier to lure birds without much space, especially when you don't own the home.
  • It is easy to set up, and when done correctly, it is sturdy.
  • The bird bath is relatively affordable compared to other different types of bird baths.


  • It is too small and only perfect for sparrow-sized bird species, which may not be the most prominent ones in your area.
  • You may find it exhausting to keep unscrewing and screwing the dish whenever it needs cleaning.

3. API Heated Bird Bath with Mounting Hardware

 API Heated Bird Bath

During winter, birds also deserve warmth; the API heated bird bath provides that. It prevents the water from freezing by continuously heating it through an electric element.

The 2-inch (0.05-meter) deep bowl is 20-inch (0.5-meter) wide. You can mount it on railings, poles, or pedestals.


  • It ensures water doesn't freeze, especially in frigid conditions with a steady power supply.
  • It doesn't significantly affect electric bills, despite operating for hours.
  • Multiple mounting options are available based on your funds, space, target bird species, and taste.


  • Requires steady electricity, so faulty sockets, temporary power outages, or spoilt plugs will see you miss the heating benefit.
  • Installing it is quite tricky, especially if you're not into hardware. You may need to hire someone to help you, which may not be available or too expensive to pay.

4. Monarch Pure Copper Hammered Hanging Bird Bath

monarch hanging bird bath

The Monarch Abode is a different type of bird bath that you can hang wherever you want. The bowl is about 13 inches (0.33 m) in width and 2 inches deep, just enough for small birds to drink, bathe and play in.

The bird bath is copper-plated and shiny, adding elegance to your yard. It weighs just about three lbs (1.4 kg), so you can quickly move it around whenever you want.


  • The bowl is resistant to corrosion, which is essential to keep water pure. However, it can form a copper patina after some time.
  • It is easy to assemble without any tools. You only need an excellent spot to hang it, so birds can find it quickly.


  • It can get too hot for birds, especially in the summer, because it absorbs heat quickly.
  • Strong wind can easily blow it off with the water because it is light and hangs from some height.

5. Kenroy Home Vogel Fountain

Kenroy Home Vogel Fountain

This rather intricate bird bath will be every bird's dream come true when they discover it on your property. It is a small water fountain that circulates over half a gallon of water. 

The ceramic structure is 27.25-inch (0.70-m) high and 16-inch (0.4-m) wide. A thermal-sensitive pump powers the fountain and shuts off when the water supply gets too low.


  • The constant water circulation ensures it is always clean and fresh to help the birds maintain good health without manually refilling it now and then.
  • It is one of the most stunning bird baths you can ask for, which will undoubtedly embellish your yard.
  • It is sturdy and won't easily fall when placed on the ground or on a solid platform.


  • It is heavy, being ceramic, so you must be careful while handling it.
  • It is expensive, especially when you aren't a fan of its aesthetics and just want to attract birds.

6. Alpine Antique Flower Birdbath

Alpine Antique Flower Birdbath

True to its name, Alpine Antique Birdbath has a classical design from the foot of the pedestal to the flower-shaped bowl. It is plastic and just over 31 inches (0.79 meters) in height.

The bowl is wide enough for many birds to enjoy the water without tussling. However, it is about 4 inches (0.1 meters) deep, which may be shallow and the water may finish more quickly than anticipated.


  • It is easy to install and place wherever it will be most conspicuous to birds.
  • Antique lovers will enjoy the gorgeous, aged design it brings to their yard while being practical enough for birds and affordable.


  • It is light (4.1 lbs/1.9 kg), and the base isn't sturdy enough to ensure stability, so big birds can tip it over. You'll need to add extra weight, especially on windy days. 
  • There are no holes or rims for small birds to perch on while drinking the water.

7. MAGGIFT Solar Powered Bird Bath

MAGGIFT Solar Powered Bird Bath

This multi-purpose bowl can serve as a stunning birdbath in your yard. It comes with a solar panel to power a LED light when it becomes dark. A hook near the solar board and LED holds chains that keep the bowl hanging.

The bird bath has a 10.3-inch (0.26-meter) broad bowl that targets finches to drink and bathe with the water.


  • It comes in two stunning colors, more attractive than most other bird baths.
  • The solar panel and battery power the bulb to advertise the bath at night, increasing the chances for birds to find it quicker.


  • It is too small, even for medium-sized birds.
  • The glass bowl breaks easily, and the chains may slip, damaging it entirely.

8. Topadorn Ceramic Bowl Birdbath

Topadorn Birdbath

A bird bath’s primary purpose is to attract birds using water, and Topadorn Bird Bath does just that without any over-the-top design. It is ceramic and about 3.14-pounds (1.4 kg) heavy.

Depending on your preference, they come in different colors and provide excellent value for money compared to the other different types of bird baths. 


  • It also attracts ground-dwelling birds, improving the chances of being noticed soon, and can accommodate medium-sized species.
  • There's no need to assemble equipment. Simply drop the water-filled bowl in conspicuous places, and avians will start visiting soon. 


  • The ceramic may crack and break, especially during cold weather.
  • It is relatively shallow, so you’ll have to refill water quickly. 

9. MUMTOP Glass Bird Bath, with Metal Stake

MUMTOP Glass Bird Bath

This bath has a beautiful hand-made glass bowl attached to four prongs at the bottom for stability. You can easily detach the bowl for cleaning at any time.

MUMTOP Bird Bath is light and easy to move around. It is about 12 inches (0.3 meters) wide, suitable for smaller species.


  • The upgraded four-prong bottom makes it much sturdier, preventing falls from accidental hits.
  • Its peacock colors beautify decks, yards, patios, gardens, or wherever you place them.


  • Installing it can be challenging and demands careful step-by-step adherence to the guide.
  • It is perfect for finches but not for other bigger species because it is shallow and not wide enough.

10. Esschert Cast Iron Birdbath with Bracket

Esschert Design Cast Iron Birdbath

The sculptured cast-iron birds on this bird bath will feel more inviting to live birds when spotted. You'd need to hang them on poles, window frames, walls, tree stems/branches, etc., where the feathered creatures will find them.

Each weighs 3.32 lbs (1.5 kg) with a 9.29-inch (0.24-meter) bowl for the water.


  • Made from cast iron, you can easily spray-paint it to your desired color to complement your property.
  • It is easy to assemble for the first time.


  • Once installed on any vertical surface, moving it to another position is difficult.
  • The bowl may be too shallow to hold water for an extended period, especially when birds regularly visit

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Different Types Of Bird Baths...Conclusion

As you can see, there are many different types of bird baths to choose from.
In most cases the biggest considerations to take into account are your budget and your décor preferences.

Regardless of which type of bird bath you choose we're sure you'll find that not only are they appreciated by birds everywhere, they also will add beauty to any garden.

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