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For Your Backyard Or Garden

By Richard Worden

If you are looking for the best bird feeders, there are many different styles you should consider, from decorative feeders, to window feeders or even suet feeders. These products will not only look terrific in your outdoor living space, but they also serve a variety of purposes. Amazon has a great selection of bird feeders you can choose from.

The best bird feeders will brighten your lawn, fasten to the window, or provide the birds with suet to eat. You can also purchase inexpensive bird feeders that work well and will not hurt your wallet. In this article, you will find out which bird feeder on Amazon will work best in your garden.

The products in this article have been highly rated on Amazon, and they work to bring in a wide variety of birds. Read on to learn more about these bird feeders and which will suit your outdoor space best.

best bird feeders

Decorative Bird Feeders

A decorative bird feeder is a charming addition to your outdoor space, as you will attract dozens of wonderful songbirds to your beautiful garden.

The best bird feeders include a swing seat feeder with several places to land safely, a solar light to help the birds find the seeds for up to 12 hours, and one with different functions for them to enjoy. 

heath outdoor bird feeder

Heath Outdoor Bird Feeder

The Heath Outdoor Bird Feeder is functional as a bird feeder, bath, or butterfly feeder. It is about eight inches in length and width and nineteen inches in height. The structure is welcoming to smaller birds:

    · Chickadees
    · Starlings
    · Sparrows
    · Finches

This bird feeder is also a small piece of art for your yard, made of steel and glass. It has a pretty bright blue and green butterfly hovering above the feeder and a delicate charm hanging below it.

Home Craft Expressions bird feeder

Home Craft Expressions Circular Mosaic Hanging Bird Feeder

The Home Craft Expressions Circular Mosaic Bird Feeder will liven up your yard or patio. Its colorful and artistic appearance will be delightful and appealing. It is suitable for small to medium birds:

 · Hummingbirds
 · Goldfinches
 · Blue Jays
 · Cardinals

This bird feeder is a great conversation piece for your outdoor space. It has a distinct design that will surely invite the most beautiful backyard birds to come for a visit.

OLIKER Solar Bird Feeder

OLIKER Solar Bird Feeders Decorative Upgrade Birds Feeder with Solar Light

The OLIKER Solar Bird Feeder is made of heavy-duty metal and comes with water cups for the birds. It will keep your garden light enough for birds to appear for up to 8 to 12 hours. This bird feeder features an LED light to guide the birds toward the seeds.

Window Bird Feeders

A window bird feeder fastens to the window to give you a lovely view of the birds. If you enjoy nature and love to learn about all the different birds in your outdoor space, the best bird feeders you can choose will allow you to experience these exquisite creatures up close.

Gray Bunny Suction bird feeder

Gray Bunny Suction Cup
Bird Feeder Window

Gray Bunny Suction Cup, Bird Feeder Window, is clear and see-through acrylic with a large viewing window to allow close inspection of the sweet songbirds in your neighborhood:

 · Robins
 · Bluebirds
 · Cardinals
 · Song thrushes

The tray is extra deep and holds four cups of bird seeds, so you will not need to refill as often. The removable tray is a breeze to clean and fill. With this fantastic bird feeder, you will attract various birds.

DAKSENG Window Bird Feeder

DAKSENG Window Bird Feeder Weatherproof Outdoor
Suction Cup

DAKSENG Window Bird Feeder has a removable seed tray and drainage so that if it rains, the seed remains dry. It is appropriate for a wide array of elegant songbirds:

 · Warblers
 · Chickadees
 · Cardinals
 · Finches

This product is weatherproof and sun-proof, protecting birds from harsh conditions. You and your kids can enjoy birdwatching on a sunny and joyous spring day.

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Suet Bird Feeders

Suet is a lard cake compressed with seeds and nuts, and it also contains vitamins. It is made from the hard fat of beef or lamb. It is also specific to the type of bird, as some have fruit or seeds. With a suet bird feeder, you will put this food in the feeder. Some of the best bird feeders serve this food to birds:

More Birds Double Suet bird feeder

More Birds Double Suet Cage

More Birds Double Suet Cage Bird Feeder holds two suet cakes to give these migrating beauties sustenance during the colder months. The cage was created for clinging birds:

 · Woodpeckers
 · Nuthatches
 · Chickadees
 · Titmice

This bird feeder has an easy-to-open double-locking closure approach to hold suet cakes. It is perfect for smaller seed cakes, supports nesting materials in the spring, and is durable and well-made.

Solution4Patio Homes Garden Suet Bird Feeder

Solution4Patio Homes
Garden Suet Bird Feeder

Solution4Patio Homes Garden Suet Bird Feeder is a quality bird feeder made from cedar wood with a great little roof to protect the elements. This bird feeder is perfect for:

 · Woodpeckers
 · Nuthatches
 · Cardinals
 · Bluebirds

You can put two suet cakes into the feeder, and the unique design allows several birds to enjoy the suet food. This feeder is a beautiful gift for anyone who loves the peaceful and serene hobby of birdwatching.

Squirrel Buster Suet Bird Feeder

Squirrel Buster Suet Squirrel
Proof Bird Feeder

Squirrel Buster Suet Bird Feeder is a bird’s paradise, as it cleverly keeps squirrels and large birds away so that small and medium-sized birds can feed, which means that none of the suet goes to waste. The setup provides the ultimate feast for hungry birds.

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Budget Bird Feeders

While it is true that many bird feeders can cost a pretty penny, some of the best bird feeders are not costly. You can undoubtedly find a bird feeder well within your budget, and you do not need to sacrifice quality for an affordable price. It all hinges on what you are looking for:

Perky-Pet Wild Bird Feeder

Perky Pet Squirrel Stumper
Wild Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet Wild Bird Feeder is a pretty green bird feeder with a twist-lock lid that prevents squirrels from stealing food from the birds. This bird feeder attracts many birds:

 · Mockingbirds
 · Cardinals
 · Doves
 · Wrens

There are eight ports, meaning several birds can feed at once. The metal frame can endure rust and squirrel damage. IT can hold up to three pounds of seed, allowing ample supply.

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Hanizi Wild Bird Feeder

Hanizi Wild Bird Feeder

Hanizi Wild Bird Feeder is an adorable little bird feeder with an inclined roof to help prevent the seeds from becoming wet. This bird feeder keeps a constant supply of birdseed available to the birds. The device holds up to forty ounces of birdseed. The large opening renders it easy to refill.

Bird Food for Outside Feeders

The first thing you must do when selecting a suitable bird feeder is determined what type of bird you are trying to attract. Make the bird feeder appealing, and the seed should be easy to get to. There are many different types of bird food, and you want to pick the right one:

Audubon Park Cardinal Blend

Audubon Park Cardinal Blend

Audubon Park Cardinal Blend is a special food blend for the following birds:

 · Cardinals
 · Titmice
 · Chickadees
 · Finches

This bird food blend contains black oil, sunflower seeds, and safflower. You can use this bird food in hoppers, tubes, or platform feeders.

Lyric Wild Bird Mix

Lyric 2647441 Wild Bird Mix

Lyric Wild Bird Mix is a five-pound bag of bird food with six nutritional ingredients. Birds who will love it:

 · Cardinals
 · Sparrows
 · Doves
 · Finches

Some ingredients include millet seed, cracked corn, shelled peanuts, and sunflower seeds. This bird food works in hoppers, tubes, lanterns, and platform feeders.

Morning Song Wild Bird Food

Morning Song Food for Wild Birds

Morning Song Wild Bird Food contains shell-free sunflowers to invite beautiful songbirds into your garden:

    · Nuthatches
    · Chickadees
    · Cardinals
    · Finches

This mix contains chipped sunflower seed, millet, cracked corn, and peanuts. Put this food in a hopper, tube, or platform feeder.

Best Bird Feeders…Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a suitable bird feeder, check out some of the ones they have on Amazon. You will indeed find some exquisite decorative or window feeders, suet feeders, and ones that are within your desired price range.

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