Outdoor Bird Feeders With Camera 

These Feeders Are A Great Way To Capture Birds Up Close!

By Richard Worden

Attracting wild birds to your garden using outdoor bird feeders with camera is a wonderful way to observe your local bird species and keep them well-fed. Capturing these feathered visitors with a camera makes the experience even more exciting.

The best outdoor bird feeder with a camera is the NETVUE Birdfy AI. It’s dynamic, high-tech, and aesthetically appealing. Not only does it attract birds, but it also deters squirrels from pilfering food. 

I’ll go into more detail about this bird feeder and what makes it so good in the article below, along with a few other alternative feeders you might like.

bird feeders with cameras

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netvue bird feeder with camera

The Best Feeder

Capturing bird behavior in real-time is incredibly fascinating for children. Exposing young kids to wildlife behavior in such an intimate way will cultivate a sense of awe and appreciation for their surroundings and teach them in practical ways they can understand.


  • Camera quality: The HD, 1080p camera quality provides footage in crisp detail for your viewing pleasure.
  • Real-time bird-watching: Watch live streams of birds coming and going without going outside. The app will also notify you when a bird has landed in front of the camera, so there’s no need to spend time watching and waiting for a bird to land.
  • Detailed bird database: The app contains information on over 6000 bird species for maximum educational value. 
  • Deter squirrels: Two-way microphone technology, AI recognition, and a built-in siren allow you to identify and chase greedy squirrels away. 


  • Wi-Fi connectivity: The Wi-Fi is 2.4G capable but doesn’t connect to 5G. This limits its compatibility.
  • Expensive: This feeder is of excellent quality but is quite pricey, so it may not be the best choice for the casual bird watcher. 

Budget Bird Feeders with Cameras...

Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to drop on outdoor bird feeders with camera capabilities, and with these budget options, they don’t have to. These affordable choices make bird watching accessible and fun without breaking the bank.

bresser bird feeder camera

BRESSER Bird Feeder Camera

This vibrant, stylish feeder — with rechargeable battery and cables included — is an absolute steal. It is motion-sensor activated and takes good-quality photos. Also, the removable SD card lets you download and view pictures on Mac and PC. 


  • Affordable: This feeder is quite affordable compared to other camera-equipped feeders in the market and makes an excellent option for those who don’t want to fork out a fortune on a bird feeder. 
  • Lightweight: At 0.95 pounds (0.43 kg), the BRESSER Bird Feeder is about as light as they come, making it simple to install and effortless to relocate.
  • Colorful: The bright green color will attract an assortment of wild birds to feed without being an eyesore for the house’s human inhabitants. 


  • No video: The BRESSER’s camera can only take photos, not record video. This is a significant downside if capturing video is your main objective.
  • Low resolution: Some buyers report that the camera’s resolution is relatively low, and the camera is slow to capture images, making most of them blurry and grainy unless a bird feeds and stays still for a while. 
  • Small and difficult to fill: Buyers report that this feeder can be challenging to fill and difficult for birds to perch on due to its small size.

High-Tech Bird Feeders with Cameras

Avid bird watchers and bird rehabilitation centers may want to up the ante on their bird-watching game. For people looking for a more advanced, feature-rich experience, these high-tech outdoor bird feeders with camera are ideal additions to any bird watcher’s collection.

technaxx bird feeder

Technaxx Bird Feeder
Camera Station

The Technax camera ships with a wide range of features. It’s also no slouch in the camera department as it has short and wide focus lenses with night-vision mode capabilities.


  • Large SD card: The digital storage on this feeder’s camera is up to 512GB, so you can record hours of footage and photos at a time.
  • Versatile mounting: The feeder comes with a hanging hole, a detachable railing and wall mount, and a tripod slot. This makes it highly flexible and ensures you’ll get unique footage from several locations. 
  • Video recording: The camera also has a sensor and auto-records footage, with the option to capture photos or record video. 
  • Multiple lenses: The short and wide-angle lenses capture pictures and imagery in 1080p quality and display them on a full-color LCD monitor. 
  • Durable: The Technaxx is made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, a robust thermoplastic used in protective headgear, guaranteeing years of use. 


  • Expensive: The Technaxx is pretty pricey, and this can be quite discouraging, especially for new or casual bird watchers.

fussbric bird feeder

Fussbric Smart Bird Feeder

This Wi-Fi-enabled feeder camera will notify you whenever it senses a winged visitor, so you never have to sit and wait or worry about missing the action. The app also comes with an identification feature that can name over 5,000 bird species.


  • Multi-device connection: Up to three devices can connect to the Fussbric at once, and these devices can watch live footage from any place with a network connection. 
  • Reasonably priced: For all its perks, it’s also great value for money, making it accessible to the casual enjoyer sharing the joy of bird-watching with their family. 
  • Remote camera control: You can control the feeder’s camera using the mobile app, creating a unique opportunity to record dynamic footage. 
  • Built-in microphone: The built-in microphone means your videos will include sound, enhancing your bird-watching footage’s educational and enjoyment value. 
  • Simple design: The seed dispenser is incredibly simple, convenient to clean, and has plenty of space for birds to perch. 


  • No SD card included: Buyers will need to source their own memory card to store footage and photos, as the Fussbric doesn’t include this in the package.
  • Limited connectivity: The camera only connects to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, not 5GHz Wi-Fi. Additionally, a poor connection will interrupt the footage, so live streaming isn’t always a viable option. 

Versatile Bird Feeders with Cameras

Bird enthusiasts will be happy to find that there are bird feeders that fit any situation, are simple to install, and don’t cost an absolute fortune to buy. These options are fantastic for beginners and professionals alike.

wasserstein bird feeder

Wasserstein Bird Feeder 

The Wasserstein offers a dynamic viewing experience for a reasonable price while still being sturdy and durable with a decent camera. Mount it anywhere effortlessly, without worrying about weather damage to the feeder and camera.


  • Easy setup: The strap mount allows you to attach this feeder to trees and poles, while the metal mount allows you to mount it on larger trees and walls. 
  • Compatibility: The Wasserstein is universally compatible with all the top security camera brands. 
  • Solar powered: This feeder is battery-operated, but the solar capabilities ensure the batteries are always ready to record with less hassle from your end. 
  • Weatherproofing: The Wasserstein is weatherproof, allowing it to withstand harsh conditions and heavy rains, keeping the high-quality camera safe and operational throughout the year. 
  • Affordable: With all that it comes with, the Wasserstein is still relatively affordable and won’t force you to break the bank


  • Dull appearance: It’s not much to look at with its brown roof and clear plastic frame. If you’re worried about aesthetics, this might not be the feeder for you.
  • Poor durability: The feeder is made of plastic and metal, which, despite being weatherproof, can easily corrode over time if not correctly cared for. 

amoejove bird feeder

AMOEJOV Smart Bird Feeder

The AMOEJOV feeder is an excellent choice for an all-around good bird-watching experience. The HD camera ensures beautiful, round-the-clock footage of local wildlife.


  • App connectivity: Connect to the app to get notifications on feeder activity and to identify the kinds of birds visiting your yard.
  • Versatile video: The HD camera has daytime and infrared capabilities for around-the-clock viewing.
  • Eye-catching: Birds will love the vibrant blue color of this feeder, and so will your kids. Also, the extended bowl and perch give plenty of room for birds to flutter in front of the camera.


  • Weak coverage: The wireless camera connection only extends about 10 meters, so you can only watch live streams of bird activity within that range.
  • Limited connectivity: This feeder connects to 2.4G, not 5G, limiting the potential user base. 

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Outdoor Bird Feeders With Cameras ...Conclusion

Outdoor bird feeders with camera are an incredible asset for birds and humans, providing a unique and intimate view of natural bird behavior. 

As it turns out, you can have a good-quality, high-resolution camera to observe the feathered visitors in your yard without spending tons of money. If you can afford it, you can also fork out a bit more for more advanced features and a better viewing experience.

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